Events & Services.

The following Event and Services are provided by Ramgarhia Sikh Association Woolwich. Please click on the “tab” above or the titles below to see more detail on the specific Events and Services.

DAILY PROGRAMS – These are the daily services\events occurring at the Gurdwara.

PROGRAMS AVAILABLE – These are the services\events available to book at the Gurdwara.

GURPURBS & FESTIVALS – These are a list of the Gurpurbs and Festivals which run throughout the course of the year.

CURRENT BOOKINGS – This calendar shows bookings and availability of programs at the Gurdwara, please note this is updated on a regular basis but to confirm availability\bookings this should be done in person at the Gurdwara.

All bookings \ enquiries should be made in person at the Gurdwara during the designated office opening hours. You will find a Sevadar at the office between 7PM-8PM Monday to Friday and during this period you can enquire and book programs. Please note bookings are not confirmed unless you have received a “Booking Print Out” signed by both yourself and the Gurdwara.